By Laws Welfare Fund



1. The Fund shall be called “WELFARE FUND PREVENTIVE, CUSTOM HOUSE, KARACHI.” and herein referred to as “FUND”.


2. Aims and objects of the Fund shall be:

i. To sanction grants to Preventive Service Club, both Kemari and FB area Sports Complex Recreation Clubs of the Custom House, Karachi not exceeding an amount of 20% of the total Income per annum received from all the” Resourses”;

ii. To render assistance for establishment of Canteens, Cafeterias and Fair Price Shops only for the benefits of the Preventive Service and staff Posted in MCC Peventive.

iii. To extend facilities to the staff of Preventive, for medical,education and improvement of infrastructure.

iv. To sanction small emergency grants to the Preventive Service in case of severe illness, provision of medical facilities, which is not otherwise admissible under the existing rules and regulations regarding the reimbursement of medical charges;

v.To render educational assistance to the children holding positions of the deserving staff as decided by the votes;

v. To render financial assistance in emergency cases to preventive Service/families and incur expenditure of their welfare not otherwise covered by the provisions;

vi. To render financial Eid assistant Packages to the deserving widows of diseased employees of Preventive Service and Class IV to the tune of RS:10000/- and RS:5000/- per widow in the Holy month of Ramadan/Eid. And RS:50000/- and who died during service for funeral purpose for Uniform officers .


i) Fund raising through investments. ii) Fund raising through donations. iii) Fund rasing through Business venture.


4) The benefit of the Fund shall be called Limited to the staff of the Model Customs Collectorate of preventive, Custom House, Karachi.


5) The Office Bearers shall be constituted as under:


i) The working Collector of Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive, Custom House, Karachi shall be the “Chairman”. DEPUTY CHAIRMAN

II) The working Additional Collector -HQrs, And Additional Collector AFU(p) Collectorate of Preventive, Custom House, Karachi shall be the “Deputy Chairman” Fund .


iii)The President of Preventive Service Officers Association shall be the “ vice Chairman” Fund.


iv) The General Secretary of the Association shall be the “Secretary”. Fund.


v)Secretary of the of the Club shall be the “Joint Secretary” Fund.


vi) President of the Association will be the “Treasurer” of Fund.


vii) Coordinator shall be the “ Custodian” of the record and Fund.


viii) The Audit of the Fund will be carried out by the Auditor approved by the Managing Committee.

ix)The Managing Committee will comprise of the following “Members”:-

a) Working Assistant/Deputy Collector of Customs HQRs (P) MCC Preventive, Karachi shall be a member of the Fund.

b) Working Assistant/Deputy Collector of Customs-AFU (P) shall be a member of the Fund.

c) At least two members of Club shall be a members of the Fund.

d) The Joint Secretary of Association shall be the member of the Fund.

e) The treasurer of the Preventive Service Club shall be the member of the Fund.


6) The Chairman shall preside over all the meetings and supervise the general administration of the Fund and the working of the

Managing Committee.

In the event of any decision taken by the Managing Committee which in the opinion of the Chairman is contrary to the aims and objects of the Fund, and he shall refer to the subsequent approval of Managing Committee.


7 In the absence of Chairman, he shall act as Chairman and exercise the powers of Chairman of the funds


8)To render all possible assistance to the Chairman in the discharge of his duties. The Vice Chairman shall preside over the meetings in the absence of the Chairman/Co-Chairman.


9) The Functions of the Secretary/Joint Secretary shall be:

i) To record minutes of meetings of the Managing Committee and place them before the Managing Committee;

ii) To conduct all correspondence.

iii) To receive the applications of grants and place them before the Managing Committee;

iv) To submit annual administration report on the working of the Fund.


10) The Functions of the Treasurer shall be:

i) To make payment of grants sanctioned by the Managing Committee against proper receipt from the recipients;

ii) To maintain proper accounts and to make correspondence with the Banks;

iii) To prepare estimates of the requirements of the Fund for every Financial Year and submit by the scheduled dates;

iv) To draw monthly statements showing receipts, expenditure and balance of the Fund after close of each month.


11) He will audit the accounts of the Fund once in a year or as often as requested by the Managing Committee.


12) The Functions of the Managing Committee shall be:

i) To allocate funds under different items of the aims and objects of the Fund;

ii) To scrutinize all applications for grants and sanctions in accordance with the rules;

iii) To supervise proper maintenance of accounts and to keep the accounts audited;

iv) To approve the estimated funds required for the next Financial Year;

v) To approve the annual reports as to how the Fund was administrated in the previous year;

vi) To amend the constitution by a simple majority of members present and voting.


13) One third members in addition to the Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Members shall form a quorum of the meeting. All decisions in the meeting shall be arrived at by a majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.


14) A joint account shall be opened in a scheduled Bank at Karachi in the name of the Preventive Service Welfare Fund and Cheques shall be drawn under the signatures of the office bearers as approved by the Chairman;

ii) The amount invested in the banks after maturity shall be re- invested after obtaining quotations of profits from at least 04 banks and will be invested in the bank quoting the highest rate of profit on monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually basis as deemed appropriate or as proposed by two third majority of the Managing Committee.

iii) The Treasure shall be allowed to keep an imp rest of Rs;10,000/= (Ten Thousand Only) to meet emergent expenditure.


15) There shall be at least one meeting of the Managing Committee every two months. A notice of seven days will be given for every meeting. An emergency meeting of the Committee can be called by the Chairman on 24 hours notice.


16) Office of the SPS Admin/Association of Customs, Preventive Headquarters shall be the Secretariat of the Fund. Any application, request for grant moved to convene session of the committee may be received or preparatory meeting will be held in his office or any other office duly assigned by him.